Two of the main focal points of Christmas decor are the Christmas tree and mantle with stockings. But not everyone has a mantle! So where do you hang stockings when the most common spot isn’t available to you? I’ve got you covered! Today I have several ideas for hanging stockings that don’t require a fireplace mantle. Some of them only require things you probably already have in your home!

1. Birchwood Log

This one might be my favorite because it’s what I use! It’s so simple and you can keep it up (without the stockings) year round. Check out my DIY post here for all the details.

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2. Stairs

If you have stairs in your home, this is probably one of the easiest ways to hang stockings. You don’t need to buy anything or add anything. Just grab some ribbon and tie each stocking to a post on the railing. This will also help add a little decor to this area of your home!

3. Stocking Ladder

I love this idea from the Home Depot Blog! I’ve seen it all over Instagram and Pinterest and I’d love to try it out one year, but I currently have a toddler who would immediately knock a ladder over. Maybe in a few years? Blanket ladders are really popular right now, so if you already have one it can become a stocking ladder during the holidays!

4. Window

Another option that doesn’t require anything other than what you already have! Just use ribbon to hang the stockings from your curtain rod and you have a functional holiday window display. I would be careful with putting anything heavy in the stockings though, so maybe write a letter to Santa letting him know heavier gifts go under the tree. 😉

5. Bed Frame

This is a great way to add some extra decor to a room that doesn’t always get as much attention during the holidays. If you have young kids, I would probably keep their stockings on your bed. Unless you’re okay with them opening their stockings when they wake up before dawn on Christmas!

via Etsy
via Etsy

6. Custom Stocking Board

This is another one of my favorites! Custom stocking boards like these from The Suburban Farmhouse are unique and you’re sure to get plenty of compliments from friends and family. This isn’t something you can use year round and it’s definitely more expensive than the other options, but if you live in an area where fireplaces are rarely in houses (like me) this is a great investment you can continue to use year after year. Some boards are even made with the ability to sit on a mantle, so if you do end up with a fireplace at some point it can still be used!

If you were having trouble finding a spot for your stockings this year, I hope this helped! And as always, if you try out any of these methods don’t forget to post on Instagram and tag me @sugardesignco because I love seeing the beautiful decor y’all make!