About the Founder

Ciera Easterday

It all started with a tree

The tiny Christmas tree that I got to decorate all on my own and set up in my room as a child celebrating Christmas in Texas. The day we put up decorations always felt more like Christmas to me and that feeling has never changed. 
When I was working different jobs, I got the opportunity to decorate businesses for the holidays and learn even more about this thing that I loved. I joked with friends saying, “Is decorating for Christmas a job? I want that job.” completely unaware that I could absolutely do that!
Fast forward SIX years. I’ve moved from Texas to Tennessee to Florida, my husband and I are celebrating five years of marriage this August…the day after our daughter turns two! And I realized Christmas decor was still the thing that I was looking forward to all year and it was time to make this happen.
I created Sugar Design Co. with a goal to make holiday decorating as stress-free as possible and I can’t wait to share some of my tips & tricks with y’all!

I hope you’ll subscribe and join me on this fun journey!


Ciera Easterday