Real greenery can be a great part of your Christmas decor. It smells nice and adds an extra touch of holiday spirit. The only downside is it doesn’t last the way artificial greenery does. So today I’ve got some tips on how to make your greenery last as long as possible this holiday season!

1. Purchase Your Greenery Last Minute

I always purchase my Christmas decor early because I decorate earlier than most people. But fresh greenery can’t be purchased really early and still last through the season. So I suggest waiting until early December, unless you’re willing to make another purchase and switch out your greenery once it starts to dry out.

2. Soak Branches and Wreaths in Water Over Night

Cut or crush branch stems and place them in a bucket of water over night. You can even put the entire branches in water. Do the same with premade fresh wreaths. This allows water to soak in and helps keep the greenery from drying out as fast.

3. Treat with an Anti-Desiccant Spray

Anti-Dessicant spray locks in moisture, plus it’s organic and biodegradable. It adds a protective coating, which slows the process of water loss.

4. Mist With Water

If you’re using branches in a vase arrangement, you can have water in the vase and also mist with water. Any other fresh greenery, including wreaths, should be misted as often as possible.

5. Keep Away From Heat

Keep your greenery away from fireplaces and sunlight. If you’re using lights with your fresh greenery, use LED lights because they won’t get hot.

6. Add Glycerin

For arrangements with fresh greenery, add 1 part glycerin to 1 part water.

If you’re considering fresh greenery for your decor this year, I hope this helps you! And check out this DIY Fresh Greenery Arrangement for some decor inspiration!



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