I’ll be honest, I am not a fan of taking down my Christmas decor! I look forward to putting it up all year and it goes up as early as possible so I can enjoy it longer. I also keep it up through the 12 Days of Christmas/Epiphany/Three Kings Day (in other words, it stays until January 6th!) But when it does come down, I want to make sure it’s protected while it’s in storage! So today I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite Christmas decor storage options for anyone who is looking to update their Christmas storage this year!

Some Christmas trees come with storage bags, but not all. And sometimes those free storage bags aren’t the best quality. This bag can fit a tree up to 9 ft. It resists tears, water and mildew. There are interior and exterior buckles to help keep everything secure. My favorite part is the wheels, though! A big tree is often heavy, so being able to wheel it in is a great option!

Ornament storage can be more expensive, which might make you want to skip out on getting something to protect your breakable ornaments. But if you’re anything like me, and you’ve opened up boxes to find broken ornaments after months in storage, then this is definitely worth it! Especially if you have invested good money in your ornaments or you have some special sentimental ornaments. This storage bag is great for organizing and protecting your ornaments while they’re stored away during the year.

When it comes to wreath storage, I really prefer hard cases like this plastic option. They do a better job of protecting your greenery and keeping your decorative accents safe. But some wreaths have too many details to fit into plastic cases, so you have to go for a soft case and this one is a great option.

I like to protect the rest of my decor (wall hangings, small trees, etc) just like my ornaments and greenery so I use plastic storage boxes to organize everything. Labeling boxes always helps, but I’ve found using clear boxes is the best option. It saves you the time and trouble of going through all the boxes to find something since you can see everything without opening it. These are a great option because they’re clear, come in a set, and are large enough to fit most decor pieces. 

*For any fragile decor items, I always recommend wrapping them in bubble wrap or packing paper before storing them away.



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